TAGCO Associates
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The TAGCO MET  provides a way for small to medium and even large employers a way to sponsor and offer Retiree Medical and Rx benefits to their retirees on a Mandatory or Voluntary basis, i.e. an employer can make available the much needed group medical and Rx benefits with or without a financial contribution or commitment;

The TAGCO MET  allows smaller employers to purchase and/or make available a Retiree Medical program that is generally unavailable in the individual, association and small group marketplace;

The TAGCO MET establishes a means whereby the employer can transfer the risk of insuring Medicare-aged retirees to insurance carriers who specialize in underwriting such risk;

The TAGCO MET  creates a way for the sponsoring employer to “carve-out” the age and claims associated with its active plan and potentially create a more favorable underwriting risk and rate associated with its active medical plan(s);

The TAGCO MET offers employer plans that are fully insured, group rated and guaranteed issue to all eligible Medicare-aged retirees—regardless of age, gender or current health condition; 

The TAGCO MET extends a way for employers to create executive carve-out plans and offer different plans for separate classes of retirees;

The TAGCO MET  allots a way to provide Retiree Medical coverage to Medicare-aged directors of such participating employer;

The TAGCO MET  gives guaranteed issue coverage to Medicare-aged retirees, spouses and/or surviving spouses;

The TAGCO MET  presents flexibility in employer contribution amounts in the event(s) of future change;

The TAGCO MET  supplies a variety of medical and Rx plans from which the sponsoring employer can choose for the purpose of achieving a Mandatory or Voluntary price point;

TAGCO Associates, LP and the TAGCO Multiple Employer Trust are truly unique in the national Medicare marketplace and offer both the brokerage community and employers a wealth of collective expertise via their carriers, administrators and other Medicare-related contacts.  Further, TAGCO Associates, LP is positioned like no other wholesaler or carrier to provide dedicated service, expertise, marketing support, underwriting and pricing advantage to the brokerage community.